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Noah Brown has been active on the music scene for little under eight years and first started his playing with the short lived Borders based band, Cake and Grief Counselling. Following on from his graduation from The University of Edinburgh in 2017 he began to be seen more frequently at the open mics around Edinburgh and was quite often found at the monthly Mad Jammers Open Mic ran out of the Augustine United Church on George IV Bridge. Since then he has self released two EPs and an album, Mediated Masquerade, all of which he distributes online for free via his SoundCloud page. So far, in 2019, he has already supported artists such as Megan Lawrenson and Noah Munro Lehrman and has many gigs lined up for the coming months. Inspired by the likes of the Britpop greats, the Beatles and the early Pink Floyd his music can move between styles but is probably most comfortable in the Indie genre.